Expansion cards used in DuroPC Systems

Here are just a few examples of interface cards that have been used with DuroPCs

DapTechnology B.V.IEEE-1394 Firewire SAE AS5643 “MIL1394” FT4424BT-RTX64-AS5643P 1394 Card

National Instruments 778930-01 (PCIe-GPIB)

Comtrol 30128-8 (PCIe Serial Rocketport)

National Instruments PCIe-8381 PCIe Host adapter for MXI-Express Device

– National Instruments PCIe-8371  PCIe Host adapter for MXI-Express Device

-Dialogic D/41JCT-LS PCI Media Board

-Dialogic D41JCTLSW 881-770  PCI 4-port Analog, Loop-Start

-Dialogic D41JCTLSEW 887-491 PCI 4-port Analog, Loop-Start

Safran TSync PCIe Timing Boards

-North Atlantic industries – 76CS3 PCI D/S, S/D, Multifunction I/O Board

Dolphin PXH830 PCIe NTB reflective memory / shared memory device

Tews Technology TPCI270-10R PCI Passive PMC Carrier

Sea Level 7404 PCI 4-Port Serial Board

Ballard Technology LE1553-5/1MT PCI MIL-STD-1553 PCI Interface Card

EPIX PIXCI A310 R3 PCIe Frame Grabber

-National Instruments  778032-01PCI DAQ device

-National Instruments  777185-01 PCI DAQ device

Excalibur 1553 PCMCIA card

ABACO RPCIE-1553 PCIe High Density Interface Device

AIT ARINC 429 PXI, PCI, PCIe Databus Cards

Alta Data Technologies LLC PCIE1L-1553 PCIe multi-channel1553 bus interface

National Instruments Chassis PXIE-1084 (786397-01)

National Instruments XI X1 PXIe-PCIe8363 (788922-03)