Windows 7 END OF LIFE!

  DuroPC would like to remind that Microsoft will discontinue Windows 7 installation and support as of January 14th, 2020. Because of this, Microsoft will no longer allow Microsoft downgrade rights from Window 10 Professional. We will continue to provide Windows 7 installations on our DuroPC product line up until this date. Please use this […]

Best rugged laptops for sale in 2019

For those of us who don't have the luxury of working in an office, DuroPC offers a solution.      What makes our rugged laptops a cut above the rest? With over 35 years serving the aerospace, transportation and military industries, DuroPC understands what it means to be truly durable. This latest generation of rugged [...]

Extreme configuration flexibility with MXI / PXI Express compatibility

Our engineering team has developed, tested, qualified and deployed a new system offering a high quantity of PCIe slots while adding extreme flexibility and substantial cost reduction. Leading supplier to the automated test equipment (ATE) market, DuroPC has developed industrial computers capable of enumerating a large number of PCI devices in support of a Tier [...]

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