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Microsoft recently updated its downgrade rights. If Microsoft no longer supports the operating system we can not downgrade to it. Unless your company has been using the volume license system since the time the requested operating system was in use you can not longer downgrade to it.

Because of this change DuroPC can not downgrade to XP or Vista or Windows 7 at the time of this update. (updated February  2020)

DuroPC gets a lot of calls and emails regarding Microsoft’s licensing for downgrading, We do offer this service on almost all of our systems.  Some people have never heard of downgrading and are, rightfully so, cautious.


Downgrading is the process by which you purchase an operating system with the intent on using a previous version.

That’s it?

Well mostly. You may only downgrade to the most recent 2 versions of Windows. Also, the version you are downgrading to must still be actively supported by Microsoft. You must already own a copy of the operating system you are downgrading to (why else would you need to downgrade). The version you purchase, as well as the version you intend to downgrade to, must be at least a pro version. So Windows Home edition users are out of luck to get back to Older versions without purchasing a new copy.

How does the downgrade process work?

With the purchase of a new system, you will get a licensed copy of Windows. The certificate of authenticity (COA) will be applied to the chassis. By purchasing the license and dedicating it to a machine, you are allowed to downgrade the system to a previous version.

We take the install media from the old machine and use it to install the new machine. During the install process the installer will ask for the key from the COA. Instead of using the new license that is applied to the computer, we go to the old computer and use the key affixed to it. Once into Windows and all drivers are installed, activation may proceed. Sometimes it works via the internet, sometimes you must call in and get a one-time activation code. Microsoft does not give out a new key.

So what does DuroPC need from me, the end user?

For DuroPC to provide you with the downgraded ready to go system, we will need a valid License Key from the computer in your office that we are replacing. In some cases, we may need your media as well.

Want to know more? Check out Microsoft’s Downgrade rights PDF for more details.

Still have questions? Give us a call or send us an email.

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